Warm Homes Scheme

Arbed am Byth have been appointed by the Welsh Government to arrange the installation of energy efficiency measures, like central heating or insulation in homes across Wales as part of the Welsh Government Warm Homes scheme.

Welsh Government Warm Homes scheme provides insulation and efficient heating systems to the homes of households who are struggling with the cost of high energy bills, making homes warmer, more comfortable and more affordable to heat.

Welsh Government Warm Homes (Arbed) is funded by the Welsh Government and managed by Arbed am Byth. The aim of the scheme is to install appropriate energy efficiency measures in properties across Wales, to help people who are struggling to effectively heat their home. We are working with the Welsh Government, local authorities and our partners is Energy Saving Trust to establish areas in Wales that would benefit most from the scheme.

Step 1*


If you live in an eligible area, an eligibility survey of your property is required before we can make an offer of assistance. If you live in an applicable area you will be contacted by us.

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Step 2


Once we have received all the required paperwork, a technical survey will be booked with an appointed installer.

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Step 3


Once all measures have been installed, Arbed am Byth will arrange to visit your property to check you are happy with the new measures and complete a final quality inspection.

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*We require your permission before any work can be carried out. Once an assessment of your property is completed and we have confirmed you are eligible for assistance, we will send an offer letter & permission form outlining the energy efficiency measures we can provide under the scheme. If you approve of the offer and wish to progress with the application, we require these forms signed and returned to us within 10 working days.

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